neither ... nor

need to work, need to learn, need to cook, need to get tickets,
need to call, need to care, need to ask, need to tell, need to drive,
need to question, need to argue, need to clean, need to educate,
need to sleep, need to sleep, need to sleep
need to wake up, need to live, need to jump, need to smile, need to eat,
need to sleep, need to sleep need to sleep,
need winter, need summer, need to fall, need to get up, need to nurture,
need need need, need a garden, need to cough, need to tend, need to spit,
need to spite, need to wonder, need to wander, need a flower,
need a need, need to need, need more needs,
never deeds, never did, never done, never need, neither,
neither nor, need a war, neither war nor yours, need a boar to abhor,
need a hand to disband, need a glove to take care of, need a mirror for delirium,
not a reflection of all inflections,
need an answer to my flower, neither echo nor status quo,
need the courts to coerce, need some mirth to unearth more needs,
no need for more dearth, need four berths,
need more breath need to breathe need more air, more air, air fair air fare well fair share
Need to speed then recede, need to lead then plead, need to cede before I heed
For if I did do the deed would I breath would I breath?
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  1. I need the seed
    I need the root
    but never post or read
    nothing acute

    exception make the rule
    and the rule demands exception
    that's why I came here to park my ass at your stool
    playing the king when he's but the fool's invention


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